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We are very excited to share with you the release of the ORA-1 digital eyewear platform "developer version".

The ORA is the most complete and powerful wearable computing platform in the world. see here

With you as partner, we can revolutionize the wearable computing space and build the future together! What’s Included in the ORA-1 Developer Platform:

The patented ORA-1 Smart Glasses hardware platform comes complete with its own flexible Android SDK in order to develop apps and fine tune the user experience. The SDK files are already available and will be sent upon request after the order is placed. That way, developers can get a head start start building applications for the ORA. Customers who pre-order the units will be on a priority list for support questions.

Important Note: The ORA-1 is a developer version and is not an FCC, UL, CSA, or CE approved product for general consumers. By ordering you agree to comply with the terms of the legal disclaimer document here: Terms and conditions